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11 Things to Consider Before Booking Your First Driving Lesson


The thought of being able to drive properly without having any kind of restrictions pulling you back is euphoric. Taking your car for a spin around your street gives you pleasure for only a certain amount of time and before you know it, you are itching to drive out into the city. However, before you embark on such a trip, you need to go through another journey.

Before you can start thinking about driving without supervision, you need to overcome the gigantic hurdle i.e. taking your driving test. Before you can take the test, you need to get proper driving lessons. Deciding to take driving lessons is a task that requires proper thinking and planning.

Here are the important things you need to consider before you can book your first driving lesson:

  1. Do your research

It never hurts to have knowledge about something before you actually experience it. Researching about driving and reading about the applicable road rules will help you kick-start your driving lesson. Before you start your research, you need to make sure that you are ready to drive.

  1. Are you certain that you are ready?

It never hurts to be too sure about something. While preliminary research may prepare you for what is to come, it may also give you a false sense of being prepared for the actual experience of taking a car out onto the busy streets. Talk to people who have been driving for a considerable period of time and even those who started recently as it will give you a more realistic idea about the ride you are in for.

  1. Do you have your provisional license?

This is an extremely vital point to contemplate. You will not be allowed to sit behind the wheels of any vehicle legally if you do not have your provisional license. Taking your provisional license with you is one of the most important things to do as the driving instructor will ask for it before the lesson begins.

  1. Is your driving school reliable and trustworthy?

There are numerous driving schools that will teach you the skills you need to drive, but not all will be able to educate you about all the rules. Only go for a driving school that has the best to offer every individual that walks into the institute. Amongst some of the reputable institutions is Momentum Driving School. This school is amongst the few that are recognised for their intrinsic set of skills and knowledge they impart on all of its students.

  1. Do you have your list of questions handy?

It is only natural to have several questions when taking up a new hobby or learning something new. Driving is an important achievement to unlock, so as a beginner you should have a list of questions lined up for your driving instructor. Jot down every query that is in your mind on a piece of paper and tuck it inside your wallet or purse so it does not slip your mind.

  1. Have you perused all UK rules and regulations included in the Highway Code?

Familiarising yourself with every rule and regulation included in the UK Highway Code is one step that you cannot avoid. It is essential that you have a proper know-how of the way you are required to drive in the United Kingdom.

  1. Is your eyesight perfect?

You have to be certain about your eyesight before you sign up for your first driving lesson. Driving without wearing glasses if you have weak eyesight or any visual impairment can be catastrophic. Even if your eyesight is slightly weak, take your glasses along as safety is one thing you cannot hedge on when learning how to drive. Your sight is the most essential sense you need when driving.

  1. Do you know the meaning of all the road signs?

The importance of knowing what each sign signifies when you are driving cannot be stressed enough. Road signs are put up to ease the task of driving and to convey to drivers the prevailing road conditions ahead of them. If you do not have complete knowledge about what each sign symbolises, then you may end up getting into trouble, or worse, cause a fatal accident.

  1. The difference between manual and automatic transmission

Knowing the difference between manual or automatic transmission is important. While automatic vehicles are widely used in the UK, it never hurts to know how to drive a manual car. You never know when you might come across a vehicle that needs to be manually handled. Also, you can never be too sure about what your driving instructor will ask when you are taking your test or the type of vehicle you may have to take out when learning how to drive.

  1. Are you prepared for a hailstorm of questions by your driving instructor?

While you are not expected to have profound knowledge about driving, having some information will certainly be advantageous for you. You may be surprised with a pop quiz by your driving instructor and instead of sitting quietly having the correct answers will be a pleasant surprise for the instructor

  1. Do you know the names of the controls?

Knowing the names of every control that is used while driving will be beneficial for you as you will save those precious minutes your instructor will otherwise have to spend teaching you every day. Your driving lesson will get off to a good start if you already know names of the controls.

While driving is fun if you have mastered the correct skills, it can be a hassle if you are not well prepared or lack the fundamentals that are required for you to be adept at the skill. The first driving lesson is sure to give you goose bumps and a thrill of excitement mixed with nervousness. The aforementioned pointers will help you be better prepared and stay more in control during the first driving lesson without taking any special steps to improve your experience.

You can never be too careful when it comes to learning how to drive properly!