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Powerflex – NL2016-28 Ford Mustang 2015 (on)


Powerflex - NL2016-28 Ford Mustang 2015 (on) 1Our previous product update for the 2015 Mustang was for rear beam bush void inserts for the original rubber mounts. We have now added complete replacement parts to the range, along with a new transmission mount insert

PFR19-1724 Rear Sub Frame Front Bush.

PFR19-1725 Rear Sub Frame Rear Bush.

We have proven that by tightening the rear subframe of the car, the handling, traction and stability are vastly improved. The new parts are a step up again in rear end performance for more highly tuned cars.

Both parts feature lightweight aluminium centre sleeves and unique Powerflex laser cut washers.

PFR19-1740 Transmission Mount Inserts are designed to fit into and fill the excessive voiding on the factory mount. To provide tunability of the mount stiffness and NVH levels we have designed the insert in two halves to suit driving style. With the two materials, we are therefore offering four levels of performance from this one mounting. Click on the part number for a closer look.

To download high-resolution images please click here.

These parts are available in our Black Series range for those looking for a Track/Competition option.

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