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Grid Girls UK Thermal Mug
Thermal drinking mug with silicon lid

Grid Girls UK Thermal Mug

Product details

Thermal drinking mug made of double-jacketed ceramics with 2 silicon lids. Capacity: 250ml, brand: Schulze
Price: GBP 19.99

Size One size
Dimension A (mm) 150
Dimension B (mm) 85

Watch out - hot stuff! You’re not gonna get your fingers burnt with this thermal mug. Keep your hot brew warm when on the go - whether it’s tea, coffee or any other hot beverage.

  • Mug made of double-jacketed ceramics
  • 2 silicon lids with drinking orifice (each in white & colour)
  • Safe for dishwasher & microwave use
  • Capacity: 250ml
Please note: Even when using the entire printable area, the design does not cover the mug completely. A margin of approx. 4cm (1.5”) will remain between the right edge and the left edge of the design.

Order Value
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Order Value
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Order Value
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To hire email us or call us for a quote - 08450519390


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