UFC 235 is coming up this weekend and we have two top females on the main card, Tecia Torres and Weili Zhang.

When we check top sites like sportsbetting.ag, Zhang is a slight favorite at -120 over Torres. But these are short odds, so it should be a competitive fight.

Tecia Torres and Weili Zhang fighting provoke some thought: in a battle of the hottest, who are the most beautiful female athletes in MMA?

Ok … it’s definitely not Cris Cyborg. Unless you’re into well … that Terminator look.

On the Way, Out But Still Kind of Hot
Rhonda Rousey would be somewhere on this list, but she has moved on to greener pastures in the world of fake fighting. That said, she’s still kind of hot. But let’s look at a couple of Rousey’s biggest Rivals, Holly Holm and Miesha Tate.

Holly Holm
Holly Holm is starting to creep up there in age, but she still has that blonde bombshell look about her. Tallish at 5’8 with long arms and legs and a rockhard body, this 37-year-old fighter has weathered the years (and the punches) pretty well.

Miesha Tate
Even with her nose that has clearly been broken multiple times, Miesha Tate is sexy. She has a killer body and cleans up wellShe has a spunky, lightheartedness to her that makes her all the more attractive … and then we forget about that for a second and go right back to looking at her body.

Tiny but not Terrible
A few of the absolute hottest girls in MMA belong to the flyweight and strawweight divisions.

Rachael Ostovich
The gorgeous Hawaiian looks like something out of a Columbian telenovela. Exotic and latin-looking with beautiful curves packed into a small frame. Rachel has to get her stuff together if she wants to spend much more time the UFC. She is coming off back to back losses. One to Montana De La Rosa by way of rear naked choke, and most recently to Page Vanzant by way of armbar. The good thing about being as hot as Ostovich, if her UFC career sputters, there is always modeling.

Montana De La Rosa
Texas likes things big. Big hats, big hair, big steaks. But this Dallas/Ft. Worth native is only big at heart. The rest of her is flyweight-sized. Ranked as the No. 12 flyweight, she’s just 24-years-old and has a long career ahead of her. Hopefully, she can duck some punches during that time and keep that face gorgeous.

Nadia Kassem
Nadia Kassem reminds us a lot of a more exotic Meisha Tate, they have the same nose, after all. Hailing from the land down under, Nadia has stacked up 5 wins as a strawweight and her blend of boxing and BJJ is as good as her blend of Lebanese and … whatever else it is that makes her so hot.

Paige Vanzant
Paige Vanzant is like a sexy little straw weight sprite. There is a wholesome vibe to … like you should be watching her on morning TV with a cup of coffee as you get ready for work. She might be the hottest woman in all of MMA. It’s an amalgamation of her tiny size, beautiful ‘girl-next-door’ face, smoking hot body, and wholesome vibe.

On top of that, she can sing, dance … and kick ass. Her last fight was against the exotic Rachel Ostovich where she pounded the other fighter into a position that she was able to take advantage of and finally send a fight-ending armbar. If there was a beauty pageant in the UFC, Vanzant would be the clear winner.