New for July 2021

We now have 3 types of items

  1. Immediate Dispatch: New in we now have some items that are available for immediate dispatch on this page 
  2. Pre-Order: New in these items are similar to immediate dispatch but are 20% cheaper if you don’t mind waiting 3/4 weeks for delivery see items here page
  3.  The  majority of other items are printed on-demand if your item of interest fulls into that category check fulfillment and shipping turnarounds before you place an order. For more info on out print on demand items see below

Print on Demand items

We dont keep stock in-house items are printed on-demand PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THIS BEFORE YOU PLACE ORDER.

This is really important before you place an order to take note of Fulfillment time and Shipping times

Most items are POD in the EU however some items like string bikinis are printed in China and have longer turnaround and shipping see bottom of page.

Fulfillment from Europe warehouse

How long does fulfillment take?
Fulfillment time is the time it takes to make your custom-ordered product. Our fulfillment time is calculated in business days:

2-7 bus. days for apparel products (t-shirts, leggings, dresses, etc.)
2-5 bus. days for non-apparel products (posters, mugs, phone cases, etc.)
97.66% of our orders are shipped within 5 business days. More than 50% of our orders are shipped within 3 business days or fewer.

Please note:
Fulfillment time doesn’t include shipping. To get an idea of how long an order will take to reach its destination, combine the estimated fulfillment time with the estimated shipping time.

The fulfillment averages you see in our catalog are calculated based on our fulfillment data for each product within the time frame of 30 days.

Our fulfillment averages don’t account for the time an order might be put on hold.

Fulfillment for large orders may take longer than the 3-5 day average, but will still be fulfilled within 7 days.

Product category

First product

Additional product


All-over print clothing

Shirts, leggings, dresses, skirts, sports bras, shorts, swimwear




Face coverings

Neck gaiters, face masks




Fulfillment from China warehouse – String BIKINI’s


Clothing has 4/5 Business day fulfillment then Shipping times below:

If you want items quickly we suggest that you pay for expedited shipping

Shipping MethodPriceFulfillment CentreDelivery Timeframe & Available CountriesTrack SiteTracking
DHL ExpressExtra Cost: Learn More belowCN Factory3-5 business days, Country List – See Belowhttp://www.dhl.com/en.htmlYes
Europe ExpressFirst item: $3.5CN Factory7-10 days Country List – See Belowhttp://track.4px.com/Yes


DHL Country ListTurnaround

DHL PricesTurnaround

Europe Express Country List


Free Shipping – only if your not worried about turnaround and shipping time 

Shipping MethodPriceFulfillment CentreDelivery Timeframe & Available CountriesTrack SiteTracking
StandardFreeCN Factory10-15 days to main market: Country list below,

20-30 days to others: Country list below


10-15 days to main market


20-30 days to othersTurnaround