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The Power of Being a Grid Girl

Over the years, fans of Formula 1 became used to the sight of stunning grid girls on race day. Then, Formula 1 made a decision to ban the girls who had graced so many events.

The decision has caused much controversy. After all, they have traditionally been seen as a major part of the Formula 1 experience, together with the roar of the engines, live betting coverage by sites such as Unibet and of course, the famous podium appearances by victorious drivers.

Two sides of the grid girls argument
The reason that Formula 1 gave for ending the era of grid girls in the sport was that the role was demeaning to women. Many people have supported them in this view.

However, there is another side to the coin. Many grid girls see the experience as entirely positive. It’s a way for them to take a step into a modelling career and experience the thrill of motor racing. In fact, many of the girls are big fans of sports such as Formula 1 and MotoGP, so it’s the perfect role for them.

Why there is power in being a Grid Girl
The biggest power of being a grid girl is that women have the opportunity to use their poise and looks to establish themselves in a good career of their own choice.

It’s certainly not an easy employment option. It can be hard work and painful to have to walk around in high heels for several hours while still looking amazing.

The role of a grid girl also involves confidence. This can only be a positive attribute for any woman to have and grid girls need to have it in abundance.

The atmosphere that grid girls help to create
Grid girls do not only possess personal power, but they also have a powerful effect on the atmosphere around them. At a race meeting, they create excitement and can help to boost the energy of the drivers and the crowd.

These professional women have a similar effect at promotional events. Their role is not just about parading around looking sexy. They are there to help promote events and products and they need to exude energy and confidence in order to do this.

You only need to hear about the positive experiences of the grid girls themselves to know that they feel empowered rather than demeaned. They do not feel exploited and they love having the opportunity to do a job that they enjoy.

Sports like MotoGP are maintaining the role of grid girls and the women who choose this as their career also play an essential role at private motor shows and promotional events. They have the power to create positive energy at any event by using attributes that include not only their looks but also a large amount of confidence. They see being a grid girl as a great experience and relish the opportunity to work hard for good rewards.


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