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Pirtek Racing Calendar Giveaway

Our double sided wall calendar arrived yesterday from lovely peeps at Pirtek Racing

The double sided calendar features on one side our grid girl Lydia and the other Andrew Jordan and an added bonus a @pirtekuk wall planner.

We have a limited number spare and we will be giving away too our lovely followers.

Bare in mind it is larger than it looks I think it’s either A1 or A0.

It will be free however we will ask that postage and packing is covered = £2.00 only available within UK

You dont’t need a Paypal account just select the checkout as guest option

As a thanks to Pirtek racing please give them a follow on social media:

Instagram: @pirtekracing

Twitter: @PirtekRacing


and while your at it checkout their merchandise section featuring  some items modelled by Lydia

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