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The Best Motorsport Activities in the UK


Often referred to as ‘petrol heads,’ those who live to enjoy motorsports actually have quite a few activities to keep them busy throughout the year right here at home in the UK. Of course other countries have grand events like the Indie 500 in the United States (Indianapolis, Indiana) to the most dangerous 12 mile race straight up the side of a mountain in Pikes Peak Colorado to the Dakar Rally which has recently changed course due to security threats on the route from Paris to Senegal. These are nice events to go to once in a lifetime perhaps, but if you don’t have the finances to attend annually, why not choose some of the best motorsports activities available to you right here in the UK?

A Word of Caution to Newbies

Motorsport aficionados are often a bit overenthusiastic about the sport and some who are new to driving don’t really understand the dangers that are inherent in the sport. If you are studying to get your driving licence in the UK, make sure to really understand the theory behind safe driving. In fact, after you’ve studied the manual, take the time to do as many practice driving theory tests as you can before taking the actual written test that is prerequisite to taking the road driving test. Driving theory teaches road safety and all the ‘whys’ you need to know prior to actual road experience. Practice tests like the ones mentioned above give you a complete overview not only of the type of questions which will be asked but also a sound underpinning of the theory of safe driving. This is a must before trying your hand at motorsports.

On to the Best Motorsports in the Country

Some motorsports are for spectators such as the Isle of Man TT which is actually a motorcycle race but one that is extremely dangerous because the course is up the side of a mountain! Driving enthusiasts love both motorcycle and car races but these do tend to send a wrong impression of driving to new drivers so be careful not to emulate your favourite drivers. This can be a truly lethal mistake. Other motorsports activities in the UK may be a little tamer such as:

  • Autosport International – A huge trade show that is actually for those in the business of autosports but on the last weekend is open to the public. Aficionados love to see what’s new and hot in the sport and can also make purchases on upcoming trends before they actually hit the market.
  • Coventry Transport Museum – Amazingly, there are more than 600 companies in the Coventry locale that make parts and complete vehicles. This museum houses the largest collection in the world of all things British transport. From motorcycles to automobiles and beyond, you won’t see all there is to see in a single day.
  • Haynes International Motor Museum – A collection of everything motoring (inclusive of motorbiking) anywhere on earth. It is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of motorcars and motorbikes and with more than 400 cars being driven at least once in a year, you are likely to arrive on a day when you can see one of those vehicles in action!

So you see, the best motorsport activities don’t necessarily put you behind the wheel and a true aficionado will appreciate seeing some of history as well as watching speed races on dangerous racecourses. This year, take the time to visit several of the most popular motorsport attractions and get a true appreciation for all that went before as well as innovations of today. A thrilling experience for the entire family.