MINI CHALLENGE and SCORPION Strengthen Partnership

MINI CHALLENGE and SCORPION Strengthen Partnership 1Following our update a few days ago, confirming that existing partner Powerflex will be stepping up to joint lead Championship Partner status for 2016.We are now pleased to announce that SCORPION will be joining Powerflex as joint lead Partner.In this innovative arrangement SCORPION will share the high profile screen headers and other high profile positions on all championship cars with PowerflexSCORPION will also be working with the MINI CHALLENGE on joint social & print media activities.MINI CHALLENGE The MINI CHALLENGE has been the single make championship in the UK for the new MINI since 2002 and is renowned for competitive, fair and cost-effective racing.In 2015 the launch of the new third-generation race car has created even more excitement about the championship, and with 32 of these cars either built or ordered, 2016 looks set to be the best yet.The MINI CHALLENGE has more recently focused on working with British Suppliers like Scorpion, to support the British Motorsport Industry and demonstrate its strengths.SCORPION – THE ENTHUSIASTS BRAND With Scorpion’s history of supporting various forms of high performance motorsport teams across both 2 and 4 wheeled disciplines, we felt It only right to choose Scorpion as our high performance exhaust partner.Their innovative approach when developing performance products really shone though in the power we have been able to consistently and reliably deliver, whilst also being aware of the specialist demands of motorsport.Antony Williams, MINI CHALLENGE UK Championship Promoter said: “Scorpion have been part of MINI CHALLENGE F56 JCW Class development since the project’s inception, and the result is a car that embodies the Scorpion brand. I am therefore delighted that they wish to develop our partnership further, with the aim of promoting Scorpion products and the MINI CHALLENGE even more widely.Our innovative multi-year joint partnership arrangement provides the highest levels of exposure that the MINI CHALLENGE can offer, within sensible marketing budgets”.Shaun Leonard,SCORPION Managing Director said: “We are delighted to announce the continuation of our partnership in The MINI CHALLENGE series. Our history as technical partners in various form of motorsport span’s 20 years and we are staying true to our core values, as this latest partnership is enabling Scorpion to deliver high performance technology gained in our specialist parts division to be transferred into all our high performance road products.‘True Track to Road Technology’ The series itself is one of the most exciting championships currently available and with an ever increasing field it looks like to we’re in for a fantastic 2016″
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